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Zipcar locations in the Cambrindge neighbourhood of Boston, USA. source

Zipcar is a commercial car club operating in over 50 cities in the USA, Canada and the UK.



Zipcar allows members to book cars, online or by mobile, by the hour or per day in any city where Zipcars are available. All members are provided with a key card that will unlock/lock the booked Zipcar. Fuel, insurance, congestion charges and 60 miles/day are all included and once the driver has finished their journey the car is returned to the registered parking space it was found in.

Applications using GPS technology allow users to find and book cars using mobile devices and members can receive text messages as reminders of when a booking period is nearly run out and whether the car is available for an extended time.

Zipcar also provide car club systems for universities and businesses.


Zipcar started as a small car club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA about ten years ago and has since expanded to include hundreds of cars in over 50 cities around the US and in the UK and Canada.

On April 21, it was revealed that Zipcar had acquired Streetcar. [1]

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  1. Zipcar buys UK car sharing company, Streetcar, for $50 million. - Techcrunch EU
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