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A screenshot of the YourParkingSpace Leeds parking space listing. source

YourParkingSpace facilitates the brokering of private parking spaces in the UK.



YourParkingSpace is a website that acts as a marketplace between people who need a car parking space and those who have parking spaces available. Users can register a parking space on the website directory. Users looking for a parking space can then search by location for an available space. The online service is free to use but owners may charge a rental fee for use of their parking space.

The service was started in London but now includes 9 other UK cities including Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.


YourParkingSpace was founded by Charles Cridland and launched in July 2006. A blog on the YourParkingSpace website shows how the service has developed since its launch.


Although the aim of YourParkingSpace is, according to the site, to "help ease the ever-increasing parking crisis in the UK", Charles believes that YourParkingSpace can have a postive impact on the environment: "By helping commuters to find convenient parking spaces near to train or tube stations public transport will be seen as more convenient. This service helps to reduce the time it takes for people to commute through using public transport which can only be a good thing." [1]

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