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Your Navigation is a route planner created using OpenStreetMap and other open source software and data.



Screenshot from Yours showing route to a school in Ipswich.

Your Navigation creates route plans for trips by bike, on foot or by car with the option of fastest or shortest route. It also allows users to look up street and place names to determine their coordinates and generate route altitude profiles.

Users can download of routes as a .GPX file so the route can be put onto a GPS device for trackback and also provides a routing calculation API that returns .KML files for Google Earth.

The project uses data from OpenStreetMap and usesGosmore to calculate the routing. Map images are generated by Mapnik and viewed with Open Layers. The Namefinder converts addresses to geocodes and the Route altitude profiles generator provides height data.


The service was launched in September 2008 at about the same time as OpenRouteService and as of March 2009 the code developed and people are improving the tagging of the underlying OpenStreetMap data to improve the routing options.


There are now a number of routing services for OpenStreetMap data and the performance of these can be expected to improve over time as the more data is available and more details about turn restrictions are added.

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