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Wombat car club

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A screenshot of the Wombat Car Club homepage. source

Wombat is a local car club business that runs small local car clubs and the ability for new members and organisations to convert their own cars for car club use



Wombat car clubs allow members to share cars and reduce overall car use. Wombat maintains the car for the users, pay for the road tax, insurance costs, breakdown cover, servicing, repairs and MOT. Members pay a membership and a pay-per-mile fee.

Cars are kept in one location and members are provided with an electronic smart card to access it and a fuel card with which fuel is payed for with. Cars are booked for set periods via an online booking system. The technology for this is provided by Eileo.


Wombat was started in Kesgrave, Suffolk in July 2007 by Justin and Fiona Hunt. By the end of the year a second branch had started in Colchester, Essex and both expanded to two cars in April 2008. In May 2008 Wombat launched its Convert Your Car model which led to a partnership with Dorset Community Action and Dorset County Council to open a third branch of Wombat in Dorchester in January 2009. In February 2009 Wombat launched its Convert Your Fleet model in response to increasing enquiries from larger organisations.[1]


Community led car clubs have potential to provide cars in locations that would not be considered attractive by the larger venture capital backed car clubs such as Street Car and City Car Club. Wombat is currently building up a number of car locations in Suffolk and Essex and is offering a support local car clubs nation-wide. Wombat offer a 'Convert a Car' service for people wishing to turn their private car into a car club car. Wombat keep the monthly membership fee from people registering to use the car and the car owner receives any usage income and gets free membership. This approach is it low-cost and viral in nature and will grow fast is sufficient car owners and members sign up.[2] Wombat uses technology from eileo who provide technology to other operators.[1]

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