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Wikitravel Press

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The cover of Wikitravel Press Guide to Helsinki. source

Wikitravel Press is a company that produces print on demand travel guides based on content from Wikitravel.



The cover of the Wikitravel Press Paris City Map. source

Information used in the guides is community gathered on Wikitravel and then formatted by Wikitravel Press to create usable travel guides. Guides are updated every month, using local editors to check facts and polish up the entries. When a guide is ordered, a copy is printed specifically for that customer, and then shipped - this is usually done within 24 hours of ordering. Travellers are able to contribute to Wikitravel, and this new content can then be incorporated into guidebooks ordered from Wikitravel Press.

They have also recently started including maps from OpenStreetMap.


Wikitravel Press is an independant corporation that works in conjunction with the Wikitravel project. It was created by longtime Wikitravel community leader Jani Patokallio with Wikitravel founders Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins. Profits form the guides goes towards supporting Wikitravel Press and also to the Wikitravel project.

In November 2008 Wikitravel Press guides where made available for sale through [1]

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