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The Wikinews frontpage (2009.04.08). source

The Wikinews tagling is: "The free source of news that you can write".[1]



A collaboratively created news source available under a creative commons license.


Erik Möller, a German freelance journalist, software developer developed the concept in 2004 and it later became project within the Wikimedia Foundation.


Wikinews was proposed in 2003 anonymously and later developed by German freelance journalist, software developer and author Erik Möller and launched in December 2004. By April 2006 it had published 5,000 news stories with a further 5,000 in the following 18 months.[2]


This is another example of people collaboratively developing something that was the preserve of the professional.

The number of stories per day is still modest, with some 6-10 stories posted each day in english in early May 2008. Some 400 transport articles have been published. The platform could handle very much more traffic and more contributors. It can contain photos and if combined with a transport model there are various ways in which it might develop into something much larger.

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