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The locations of Whizzgo cars in Manchester. source

WhizzGo is a UK car club rental company.



WhizzGo is a UK based car sharing club that provides pay by the hour cars in 15 UK cities. In each city a fleet of low emission cars are available to members. These are parked in designated parking bays across the city. Members are issued with a WhizzGo smartcard which is held against a sensor on the windscreen to unlock the doors. They then enter a four digit pin into the on-board computer that disables the immobiliser and allows the user to take the keys from the glove compartment and drive. Cars are booked online or by phone and are available 24 hours a day.


WhizzCar was founded by Charlotte Morton, a former corporate lawyer, who came up with the idea behind WhizzGo when studying for a MBA in 1999. A tender won from Leeds City Council in 2004 enabled the company to get of the ground in July of that year. [1]


WhizzGo has won numerous green awards. In 2007 the business was named Private Sector Fleet of the Year in the Green Fleet Award competition as well as Leasing/Rental Company of the Year in the same competition. [2]

The founders of WhizzGo list the following environmental benefits: [3]

  • Car club members claim to drive fewer miles per year after joining WhizzGo reducing congestion
  • Cart club cars tend to be more energy-efficient greener vehicles and so generate lower emissions per km than the cars they replace
  • Members tend to walk more frequently
  • Members tend to use public transport more than the average city dwellers
  • Members have better fitness levels that average.

They also claim that case studies have also shown that for each car club vehicle made available, up to 20 people will sell (or scrap) their existing cars.

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