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Jump to: navigation, search is the world's first neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service and launched to the public in April 2010. With Whipcar, private car owners can rent out their cars for money to safe, eligible drivers looking for a close, convenient and affordable way to rent them.


A web site where you can rent a car from your puts complete control of the price and timing of rentals in the hands of the owner and screens drivers eligibility for the service. For drivers, WhipCar provides a locally accessible and smarter way to use the cars available right on their doorstep.

WhipCar takes just a few minutes to join (for both owner and driver) and is free to register. The service notifies owners by text and email when there is an approved driver in their area who wants to use their car. All cars and drivers are screened by WhipCar before a booking is completed, and each journey is fully insured through a comprehensive insurance package that temporarily replaces the owner's existing insurance for the duration of hire.

Currently only available in the UK, WhipCars are already available to rent in over 300 towns and cities across the country.

WhipCar was founded by Vinay Gupta and Tom Wright and is funded by venture capital firm Delta Partners.

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