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WhereCamp is an unconference with a focuses on geomobile and mapping technology, ideas and innovations.



WhereCamps have many activities, each created and organised by solely by attendees with no programme created by the organisers. Entrance is free, though it is asked that people sign up to events they will attend so it is known how many people need to be accommodated at the events.

WhereCamps take place at a variety of locations, many are in the North American continent though Africa has had a series of its own.


The first WhereCamp took place in June 2007 in SunnyVale, California and have taken place each year since then.

WhereCamp Africa was also involved in the OpenStreetMap mapping of Kibera, Kenya in November 2009.

WhereCampEU is taking place in London on 12/13 March 2010 at the The Guardian's offices in King's Cross.


WhereCamps are good places to meet people with ideas and to come up with ideas of oneself. They have been running since 2007 and can now be found across the world as a host to many thought provoking talks.

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