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Warrington Cycle Campaign

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Cycle Facility of the Month August 2004. A Colour Coordinated Facility by Helen Vecht. source

The Warrington Cycle Campaign promotes safer cycling for existing cyclists in Warrington, and aims to encourage more people to travel by bicycle in the town.



A section of their website is dedicated to the Cycle Facility of the Month. The idea behind this is that members of the public from around the country send in photo's of cycle facilities that have been put in place that have clearly had little thought or common sense put into their planning. One is then presented in a humorous manner on the website each month. The aim of this is to highlight the lack of design and thought put into cycling facilities.


Cycle Facility of the Month has been running since March 2001 and 50 of the entries have been compiled into a book titled 'Crap Cycle Lanes'.

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