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The Usahidi Logo

Ushahidi is a platform that allows the collection and visualisation of data. It is a mash-up of user reports and Google Maps.



Ushahidi can collect data from SMS text messages, e-mail and the internet. This data is then displayed on a Google Maps map. It has seen much use as a way of gathering information from the ground in areas undergoing humanitarian difficulties such as Gaza and Haiti. [1] [2]


Ushahidi was developed in 2008 by citizen journalists, as a way of displaying violence in Kenya following the December 2007 elections. [3]

Ushahidi, Crisis Mappers net and the Office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs created the implemented a Haiti earthquake version of Ushahidi. [4] [5]


Ushahidi has collected a large amount of data that would otherwise have been lost, and adds a new level of knowledge about what occurred during the time in question. The data from the 2007-2008 Kenyan Election violence has been studied by a variety of institutions including the OECD and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (through Crisis Mappers net). [6] [7]

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