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An image of UMapper in use

UMapper is an on-line application that allows the user to draw and add marked points onto a map.



UMapper was built with the Universal Mapping Application Programming Interface (API) for Adobe Flash player, which allows the product to be used on many different computer systems. The user is then able to pick a map from a list including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps. The picked map can then be drawn one and have markers and routing information applied to it. The user can create an account which allows them to save their maps, they can also use the UMapper API to run the application on their own website. Users may pay for more comprehensive map creation options, and for the ability to remove ads from the maps they have created with UMapper.


The Advanced Flash Components team developed the UMap flash component, and used the expertise they gained in the area to put it to use in the creation of UMapper.

Over time the company's focus changed, and in 2010 it was announced that Advanced Flash Components was being sold so that the company could focus entirely on UMapper.[1]

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  1. UMapper Sells Advanced Flash Components: What’s Next? - UMapper
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