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The Tripit frontpage. source

TripIt creates master travel itineraries for users based on their confirmation emails.



TripIt is an online service that helps users organize all their travel plans including flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises etc. no matter where they booked. Users just forward their travel confirmation emails to TripIt which then processes these emails and automatically creates a master itinerary with travel plans, daily weather, local maps, restaurant reservations, city guides etc. These are then made available online, to print or on mobile devices. [1]

TripIt has been built to facilitate social networking and includes options for people to share and collaborate on trip itineraries, as well as providing alerts that notify users when their travels overlap with others in their network.

There are three versions of TripIt: a free version which gives basic TripIt functionality, as well a paid version and a corporate version which both offer different, extra functions.


TripIt was founded in October 2006 and launched in September 2007 and is based in San Francisco.

In January 2011 TripIt was aquired by Concur, a British corporate travel solutions company. [2]

In autumn 2011 TripIt was awarded the Telegraph's "Best Travel App Award". [3]

Early 2012 saw the departure of two founding members of TripIt.[4]

2012 Status

TripIt is in an interesting place in 2012. It was purchased by Concur at the start of 2011, in the time since it has deployed new products such tablet optimised apps, and partnered with other companies for cross promotion and special offers. Though two of most prominent founders left at Easter 2012 for other activities, TripIt looks to be have a steady course ahead of it.

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