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Travel Buddies

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The Travel Buddies application page on Facebook. source

Travel Buddies is a Facebook and mobile application that allows users to share travel plans and itineraries.



Travel Buddies is a social network for travelers where users can connect with friends on travel interests. It provides a personal Travel Profile page which includes: a Travel Calendar that allows users to share trip calendars with friends, research trip plans with 'travel buddies', and put future itineraries and routes on a map; Travel Chronicle allows users to mark travel histories on a map and Trip Thoughts provides Twitter access allowing users to create a mini-blog for a daily trip journal. A community forum is also provided giving users the ability to find 'travel buddies', get advice from locals, users who have been there, and users who are going there.


As of March 2009 Travel Buddies has over 35,000 monthly active users.

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