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Transportation Alternatives

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Transportation Alternatives works to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives.



The Transportation Alternatives Green Transportation Hierarchy. source

Transportation Alternatives seeks to change New York City's transportation priorities to encourage and increase non-polluting, quiet, city-friendly travel and decrease private car use. They seek a rational transportation system based on a Green Transportation Hierarchy, which gives preference to modes of travel based on their benefits and costs to society. Transportation Alternatives works in five areas key areas: Cycling, Walking and Traffic Calming, Car-Free Parks, Safe Streets and Sensible Transportation.

Campaigns of note are Transportation Alternatives 18 year long campaign to ban cars from Brooklyn's Prospect Park, [1] and their securing of indoor bicycle parking legislation in 2009. [2]


Transportation Alternatives was founded in 1973 and has since helped win numerous improvements for cyclists and pedestrians in New York city and has been a leading voice for reducing car use in the city.

In 1997 Transportation Alternatives established the USA's first Safe Routes to Schools program to help protect children walking to school from cars. [3]

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