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Transport Data Sets

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This article provides a catalogue of Transport Data Sets. Data sets are categorised as follows:

  • Open: These data sets are freely available for download and use subject to specific licensing agreements;
  • Restricted: These are available for download but have greater restrictions placed on their use than open data sets;
  • Promised: These data sets are pending release; and
  • Desirable: These are suggestions for data sets that would be useful, but are not yet available.

Each data set is linked to the provider web site where (in most cases) further information on specific licensing agreements and data formats can be found.

Any road casualty data related dataset is listed here: Road_Casualty_Data




Type Status Provider Data Set Comment
Road / Rail Open Ordnance Survey Vector Map District Road and rail centre line data
Road Open Ordnance Survey OS Locator Searchable national gazetteer of road names. It allows identification of specific locations by locality, settlement, local authority and county.
Boundary Open Ordnance Survey Boundary-Line All levels of electoral and administrative boundaries
Boundary Open Ordnance Survey Code-Point Open Geo-coded points representing post code sector centroids (note this data set only provides centre points and not the post code boundaries)
Road Open DfT MOT test data The DfT have released MOT test results from 2005. The data includes odometer readings, the vehicle manufacturer, type and engine capacity, the vehicle’s year of first use and the top level post code area (letters only). Researchers are already using the data to analyse how patterns of vehicle usage (and associated carbon footprint) have changed with time, disaggregated over different regions of the country.[1]
Road Promised and query open Ordnance Survey Integrated-Transport Network Roads Routing Information Information on road routing such as one way streets and banned turns. A page on implies that this dataset will be released. No date has been given.[2]. Query currently open via email to OS.
Road Promised and query open Ordnance Survey Integrated Transport Network Roads Layer The road geometry layer from OS Master Map. Release date unknown. [3]. Query currently open via email to OS.
Road Promised DVLA Driving Licence Statistics Statistics on driver licence age, gender, geographical area, entitlement and penalty points are to be released on a quarterly basis from June 2012 [4].
Road Promised DVLA Driving Test Statistics Statistics on driving tests by gender, age and test centre are to be released on an annual basis from July 2012[5].
Road Open Highways Agency The English strategic road network Mapping data for the English strategic road network is now available as a Web Mapping Service.
Road Promised Highways Agency Unplanned distruption Unplanned disruption data on the English strategic road network is expected to be released on an open license. [6]
Road Open DfT Annual Average Daily Flows Estimated daily traffic flows on every link of the 'A' road and motorway network in Great Britain
Road Promised Highways Agency Traffic counts Automatic traffic counter data is expected to be released on an open license. [7]
Road Promised Highways Agency Annual road condition data Annual road condition data is expected to be released on an open license in December 2012. [8]
Road Open DfT Inter-urban congestion data This dataset provides journey time and traffic flow data for 15-minute periods since October 2009 on the strategic road network in England
Road Open Landmark National car park database The national car park database used in Transport Direct.
Road Open Elgin Roadworks Elgin provide an API to plot current and future roadworks on the strategic road network. Access is free to companies delivering applications into ELGIN member Authorities.
Road Promised Unknown Strategic road network incidents, speeds and congestion Strategic road network incidents, speeds and congestion. To be released 01/12/2011 [9]
Road Desirable Unknown National speed limits Geo-data on link speed limits. A national database of speed limits is not currently available, but has been advocated [10]
Road Open TfL London speed limits Geo-data on link speed limits in London [11]
Road Open Various Local speed survey Various police forces conduct surveys of traffic speeds along known accident hotspots e.g. Cambridgeshire police [12]
Road Desirable Car plus Car club parking bays Geographic locations of car club parking bays. Unknown release date.
Public Transport Open Traveline National Public Transport Data Repository Snapshot of GB public transport timetable, routing and stop location data (bus, coach, rail) for a selected week in October of every year [13]
Public Transport Open Traveline National Public Transport Access Node database Uniquely identifies all points of access to the UK's public transport network (bus stops, rail stations) [14]
Public Transport Open DfT National Public Transport Gazetteer Provides a topographic database of towns and settlements in the UK; it provides a common frame of reference for the National Public Access Nodes (NaPTAN) schema and other UK Public Transport Information schemas such as JourneyWeb
Rail Open Delta Rail Station usage Annual estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and interchanging at stations
Rail Desirable and query closed Network Rail National Electronic Sectional Appendix Geo-data on speed restrictions on the GB rail network. This data is published in the National Electronic Sectional Appendix which is accessible via a free login but is not open source. An email from NESA stated that access is "restricted to members of the railway community that have a legitimate business requirement for the information contained within it. The information held within NESA is used for network and signalling schemes, along with specific engineering references."
Rail Open ATOC Rail Timetable Rail timetable data is released on a weekly basis by ATOC. A username and password is required to access the data.
Rail Promised Office of Rail Regulation Rail service performance Rail service performance indicators are now available on the Office of Rail Regulation site.
Rail Promised Network Rail Real time running data Real time information on train running times is expected to be released in June 2012. [15]
Rail Open Network Rail Rail network location information Stations and rail track alignments for Great Britain are available as a Web Mapping Service.
Rail Promised Unknown Fare information Full data on rail fares is promised on an open licence. [16]
Rail Desirable Network Rail Station layouts Station layouts would be useful for pedestrian routing data. Station plans are currently available in html format on the National Rail Enquiries website [17]
Bus Open Traveline Traveline National Dataset National bus timetable information is now available on an open license.[18]
Bus Open Next Bus Real time bus information The next bus API allowing access to real time information at 350,000 GB bus stops is available on an open license [19]. Access to the API appears to require a login ID.
Bus Desirable Various Bus performance indicators GPS logs of bus movements to allow analysis of performance of buses and also of the road network. Often collected by bus real time information systems and by electronic ticket machines and other GPS enabled devices.
Bus Desirable Unknown Tendered bus services Subsidies paid to bus operators for particular routes
Coach Open TfL Coach parking spaces in London Live feed of coach parking spaces in London
Tube Open TfL Tube departure boards, line status and station status Live feed of tube departures and line status
Tube Open TfL London Underground passenger counts data Passenger numbers entering and exiting London Underground stations, largely based on the Underground ticketing system gate data
Cycle Open Transport Direct Cycle route data Cycle route data used in Transport Direct.
Cycle Open TfL Barclays Cycle Hire availability Live feed of docking stations and bicycle availability in London
Cycle Open DfT GB reported bicycling accidents Advertises availability of cycle accident locations, but the link does not take you to the relevant data
Cycle Open TfL London Cycle Count Data TfL have released cycle count data for the year 2008/09 in response to an FOI request
Pedestrian Desirable Ordnance Survey ITN Urban Paths Theme This data set contains the centre lines of footpaths but is not currently available under an open license
Pedestrian / Cycle Promised Ordnance Survey National Trails Ordnance Survey has committed to work with Natural England to make available as part of OS OpenData a dataset of National Trails, for delivery in April 2013. [20]
Travel Demand Desirable DfT Inter-urban travel demand Estimates of levels of current and future travel demand on GB inter-urban transport corriodrs. A data bank of origin-destination surveys does exist[21]
Built Environment Open Ordnance Survey Vector Map District Building outlines: Roofed structures greater than 175 square metres, represented as a generalised polygon.
Built Environment Desirable Department for Education Edubase A database containing school locations. This can currently be downloaded twice a year for free, but is not fully open [22].
Built Environment Promised Ordnance Survey Address Layer 2 Address Layer 2 links any property address to its location on a map. It provides precise coordinates for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain. implies that this layer is to be provided under an open license but a release data has not been specified [23]
Built Environment Open Ordnance Survey National Address Gazetteer Data from local authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail has been brought together to form the National Address Gazetteer, a single, definitive address register. Any user can access data from the National Address Gazetteer for free to initially test, evaluate and develop into new and innovative products. [24]
Built Environment Desirable Homes and communities agency National Land Use Database The UK government has been developing a standard land use classification system for use in a National Land Use Database which is to be linked with OS MasterMap [25]. The homes and communities agency manage the 'previously developed land' component of the database [26]. The database does not appear to be available at present.
Water course Open Environment Agency Detailed River Network The only large-scale, accurate and fully attributed digital river centreline covering England and Wales [27]
Air Promised Civil Aviation Authority Flight arrivals and departures The government is working with the CAA to open up data on flight arrival and departure times. [28]
Environmental Open Natural England Habitats and protected sites The following GIS digital boundary data sets have been released: Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England), Biosphere Reserves (England), Limestone Pavement Orders (England), Local Nature Reserves (England), Marine Conservation Zones (England), National Nature Reserves (England), National Parks (England), Ramsar (England), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England), Special Areas of Conservation (England), Special Protection Areas (England),


Type Status Provider Data Set Comment
Rail Open SNCF Transilien lines and stations Transilien is the body responsible for Paris' urban (with RATP, Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports) and suburban transport systems. Two data sets are available for download. One data set contains descriptions of each station (including x,y coordinates). The other provides information on the train, bus, and tram lines that serve each station.

The Netherlands

Type Status Provider Data Set Comment
Road Open I Amsterdam Amsterdam Parking Data The city of Amsterdam are currently releasing various geo-data sets [29]. This data set contains the locations of car parks in Amsterdam stored in JSON files (Java Script Object Notation).

North America

Type Status Provider Data Set Comment
Road Open Government of Canada North American Atlas - Roads Road data for North America (including USA, Canada and Mexico)
Public Transport Open Bureau of Transportation Statistics Inter-modal passenger connectivity Geo-coded passenger transportation terminals, with data on the availability of connections among the various scheduled public transportation modes at each facility. At this point, data has been collected for intercity rail stations, commuter rail stations, airline airports, and ferry terminals only
Public Transport Open Federal Transit Administration National Transit Database Public transit operators are required to report on: sources of funds, expenditure, level of service provided, consumption of resources and capital assets. This data is held in the National Transit Database.
Rail Open Government of Canada North American Atlas - Rail Rail data for North America (including USA, Canada and Mexico)
Transport network and borders Open Bureau of Transportation Statistics National Transportation Atlas Database The National Transportation Atlas Database is a set of nationwide (USA) geographic databases of transportation facilities, transportation networks, and associated infrastructure. These datasets include spatial information for transportation modal networks and intermodal terminals, as well as the related attribute information for these features.
Air Open Bureau of Transportation Statistics Airline Origin Destination Survey The Airline Origin and Destination Survey (DB1B) is a 10% sample of airline tickets from reporting carriers collected by the Office of Airline Information of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Data includes origin, destination and other itinerary details of passengers transported. This database is used to determine air traffic patterns, air carrier market shares and passenger flows.
Census Open Bureau of Transportation Statistics Census Transportation Planning Package This database contains Census Transportation Planning Package (CTTP) year 2000 National Tabulations. These tables are derived from the long form in Census 2000. The summaries are shown for the nation, large MSAs, and States. The tables are a rich source of information on commute characteristics and socio-economic data from Census 2000. These tables complete the CTPP Suite of products. Part 1 contains residence end data summarizing worker and household characteristics. Part 2 contains place of work data summarizing worker characteristics. Part 3 contains journey-to-work flow data. These tables show only nation, state, and selected MSA geographies. Other tables are available on the same site containing detailed geography.
Socio-demographic Open Office of Highway Policy Information 2008 State Statistical Abstracts The abstracts contain state-specific aggregate statistics on population, land area, mileage, fuel use, drivers, vehicles, travel, and other related data.
Urban congestion Open Texas Transportation Institute Urban Congestion Data Provides an Excel sheet detailing aggregate congestion indicators for 101 US cities
Driving Licenses Open Federal Highway Administration Driver Licensing Aggregate driving license holdings statistics

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