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TrainDelays provides users with online electronic submission forms for train delay compensation in the UK.



Users of TrainDelays can submit details of their rail journeys the website will then match these to any delays and notify the user of a possible claim and provide an online claims form to fill in. These are then processed and submitted to the train operator by the TrainDelays staff.

Users need to sign up to use the site's services, including a required referral of 5 other people.


The site was set up in 2007.

As of March 2009 TrainDelays has been facing problems with the various train operators with which they deal. TrainDelays claim that the train operators are refusing to accept any claims made by TrainDelays staff on behalf of their users. The site has been changed so that users now receive a weekly email providing claims forms for any delays they have experiences which can be printed out and posted.

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