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Traffic4England is a free application for Google Android mobile phones. It provides traffic information as well as radio reports for all motorways and many A roads as well.



Traffic4England takes data from the Highways Agency and displays on a map all known road incidents as well as the average speeds of vehicles if below 40 miles per hour any of the roads in analyses. Traffic4England uses icons to show why as well as where traffic flow is negatively influenced such as by road works or an accident.

The data is placed onto Google Maps map, which is updated every three minutes or whenever the user chooses to.


Traffic4England was first released on September 8th 2009 on the Android marketplace. Since release Aquarius Solutions have kept developing the app and fixing bugs such as the non-updating GPS.

The most recent version is 1.04 which focused on improving traffic radio functionality. [1]

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  1. Traffic4England release 1.04
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