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Tile Drawer

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Tile Drawer lets people run an instance of OpenStreetMap data on an Amazon virtual server.



Tile Drawer greatly simplifies the process one has to go through to run their own instance of OpenStreetMap data. Tiler Drawer itself creates code for one to place into the Amazon server control panel.

The website has all the steps within it needed to create a small map instance, it prompts you to select the area to be included visually, and has map styles to chose from, meaning all of the complex work is done allowing anyone to have their own private OpenStreetMap instance which they can edit as they wish without affecting the OpenStreetMap map.

The product was improved in January 2012, with rewritten code leading to greater speed and documentation.[1]

Example of the Tile Drawer output code

"style": "",
"bbox": [141.871, -27.614, 147.496, -22.521],
"source": "",
"coast": ""


January 2012 saw Tiledrawer re-released with new and improved code.

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  1. - main page
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