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Ticket Machine in your Pocket

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Ticket Machine in your Pocket is the name of Masabi's platform independent, mobile phone app which allows users to purchase train tickets via their phones. The phone itself is then used as the ticket after purchase.



Ticket Machine in your Pocket creates a 2D Aztec barcode which is used as the ticket. It is scanned off of the phone's display by scanners at a speed similar to that of a smart card scanner.


In 2007 Masabi developed a ceritifed mobile security system known as EncryptME. It is rated as secure as the security found on non-mobile internet sites. [1]

In 2008 Masabi defined a standard 2D barcode for use as a virtual ticket. This has been adopted as the standard by ATOC. This barcode format is also used in printed barcoded tickets. [2]


Masabi has partnered with The Train Line to roll out mobile phone virtual ticket purchasing across the UK.

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