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The Society for All British Road Enthusiasts

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A screenshot of the SABRE photo galleries. source

The Society for All British Road Enthusiasts (SABRE) is a large online database of information about UK roads, their history, current issues and future plans that is run by roads enthusiasts.



The database has detailed information on many UK roads. It also includes a photographs section with 19,000+ photographs (as of Apr09) which are categorised by road type and location. As well as a news section, very active forum and chat sections and

They claim that their roads database gives details on every numbered road in the UK and that it is more comprehensive than anything available to the DfT.[1]

The site offers over 800 (as of Oct08) old maps showing historical road layouts and also 'fantasy road layouts'.[2]

The forums are used to both discuss what is happening in the UK in relation to roads, and what might happen, but is also a source of ideas about what 'should' happen.[3]

In December 2008 the SABRE Roads Wiki was set up with the aim of transferring all the information from the roads lists into wiki format. This is an ongoing project and currently only members of SABRE can edit the wiki.


SABRE started in 1999 as the "Study and Appreciation of the British Roads Experience" and renamed "the Society for All British Road Enthusiasts" in 2005. The forums and photo galleries were created in 2005. It is formally a constituted organisation with a president, a steering committee and a management team and holds annual elections. As of Oct08 it had 1200 members.[3]

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