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Taxi Cab Fare Calculator

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Taxi Cab Fare Calculator is a service that calculates the cost of a hackney cab journey between two location in the UK.



The product takes the local authorities taxi fairs and uses them in calculations made with the start and end destinations of the users choice to return the cost of the journey. Now district boundary data has been released, Taxi Cab Fare Calculator now automatically selects the appropriate local authority.

Cab Fare Calculator has got the data for most districts in the UK, including London boroughs. Its creator is working to collect the hackney cab for the districts whose data is not currently on the site.

There is both a Windows Mobile and an iPhone app in the works. These iterations of the innovation plan to use GPS data to auto-complete the start location.

The route map of the product uses a Microsoft bing map.


Taxi Cab Fare Calculator was launched in 2008, and since then has had over £10 million worth of inquires.

In February 2010 Taxi Cab Fare Calculator added Transport for London's Taxi Fares giving the innovation London coverage.

In March 2010 Taxi Cab Fare Calculator made the local authority selection entirely computerised.

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