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Streetcar is a UK based car club. It claims to be the biggest pay as you go car club, with over 70,000 members across seven cities. [1]



Streetcar aims to provide a mass market alternative to private car ownership. It has also shown great innovation in using mobile technology. A Streetcar member can choose from a selection of Volkswagen and BMW brand cards. [2]

A member of Streetcar can not only extend their rental period by text message, but has released an iPhone application. [3]

iPhone App

Streetcar has released a free app which can be downloaded from the iPhone's UK store. The app allows one to search for cars geographically and book them from an iPhone. The iPhone itself is used to unlock the car.

Non-members can use the app to browse for cars, but only paid members will be able to book, and drive, the cars. [4]


On April 21, it was revealed that Zipcar had acquired Streetcar. [5]

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