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Stamp Stanley

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A Stamp Stanley Checkpoint

Stamp Stanley is a school initiative to motivate children to walk to and from school. It was the winner in a pan-European competition run by the Environment and Innovation Project, hosted by Toyota Motor Europe and the Eco-Schools International Programme Coordination. The aims of Stamp Stanley are to encourage children to walk to school - and so promote a more active lifestyle for school children and reduce traffic congestion around school.



Millfield Primary School in Norfolk worked with the local authorities and businesses to install permanent checkpoint machines along routes to school. Students could then stamp a card as they passed these checkpoints. The stamps on the card are saved up and then exchanged at their school for a range of rewards.


The Stamp Stanley project was created by Millfield Primary School in Norfolk


The Stamp Stanley project was initially created in 2007 as an entry in the pan-European Environment and Innovation Project. This invited schools across Europe to identify challenges and propose solutions to improve mobility and the environment in their local communities. 105 schools submitted proposals to the programme. The Stamp Stanley project was the overall winner. Since 2007, the Stamp Stanley project has won several further awards, and produced a range of promotional material, including a video, a cartoon character, a stop animation and stories.


Stamp Stanley has had considerable success. According to Norfolk County Council [1] 96% of children at the school have taken part in the project, and 64% of the schoolchildren 'have made every journey a green journey since the project began'. The percentage of journeys that are carbon neutral has risen from 45% to 82% over the course of the project. Perhaps the most interesting observation is that the roads around the school have been described as 'eerily quiet' in the morning and afternoon school travel periods.

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More information on the project can be found here.


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