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Stadium Parking

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UK is a great place for events with thousands of people flocking to arenas of various sorts up and down the country. In a recent survey conducted by the premier league association the main concern for fans travelling to these stadiums was not whether their team would win but the commute to their. Public transport in UK is good but its not that good that over 80 thousand people depend on it to get to Wembley for example.

This is the problem that Stadium Car Parks & Arenas saw when travelling to Manchester United matches on a fortnightly occurence.


Product is a website that allows the booking of car parking space at stadiums all across the UK all via a secure online payment method. The uniqueness of this website is the fact that fans travelling to these stadiums can locate a parking space right next to their location.


The website was set up by NPC (National Parking Control) expanding their services offered in the car parking sector. The website was set up in 2009 to tackle the ever present problem of parking at stadiums with thousands of people travelling to events in one form or other.



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