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Snowmageddon was produced as a tool to help neighbours help each other out during the heavy snowfall of early 2010. It returned at the end of 2010 to facilitate more snow related community assistance. [1]



Snowmageddon is a list of notes sorted by date and location. Each event may be someone in need of assistance, a social activity or a marker of a successful event. People are able to add their own to the site through the site, which runs on Ushahidi.


Snowmageddon was created in February 2010 to help people collaborate to solve problems created in Washington DC by heavy snow.

It December 2010 it was adapted for use in New York.

The site was not used in the Winter of 2011-12 .


There are two "victories" listed on the site. One of which is the rescuing of a Fire Truck [sic] from snow, the other is clearing a street allowing an ambulance to pass. [2]

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