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GPS Navigation is an routing and navigation app, made by Skobbler, for Android and iPhones. It uses OpenStreetMap map data.



Screenshot of Skobbler, day mode.

Skobbler is a German app that routes on OpenStreetMap. It includes a feed-back loop to flag inaccuracies or omissions in the data to be surveyed. There are also day and night display variants. [1] GPS Navigation requires an internet connection to work as very little data is stored on the phone. It has spoken navigation commands, though it requires a GPS unit in the phone to be used. GPS Navigation can also be used as a simple direction giving tool for both pedestrians and vehicle users.

As well as navigation the app will also play mp3s on the iPhone, and is not fouled by incoming phone calls.[1]

It is available on both the iPhone and Android phones for free, though a version with extra points of interest can be paid for. [2] Skobbler has expanded GPS Navigation to be available world wide and supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian as well as German.

GPS Navigation has a "report bug" feature which allows its users to upload any errors they find to the Skobbler servers where it is hoped a member of the OpenStreetMap community will fix the problem. [3]


GPS Navigation was originally called Skobbler, and a mobile app was released on March 5 2010 in Germany, though an internet vesion had existed since October 2009. A UK and Ireland release of the iPhone app followed in May 2010. [4]

An Andriod version was released as well, achieving 100,000 UK downloads between June and August 2010. August 2010 also saw Skobbler win a legal battle with Navigon who had attempted to sue Skobbler. [5]

With the success of the app, the people behind it set themselves up as a company called Skobbler and changed the name of the app to GPS Navigation. GPS Navigation is now on its second version. Skobbler has released other apps since then, such as ForeverMap and GeoBrain.[6] Like GPS Navigation they use OpenStreetMap data.

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