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A screenshot of the School-run homepage. source is an offshoot project of Liftshare. It is aimed at parents and pupils to enable them to share journeys to school and thereby reducing the level of congestion and pollution around schools and increasing healthy and sustainable travel.



The scheme allows individual schools or local authorities to register and provides them with an online area from which to orgainise shared journeys between parents. This can be done by sharing car journeys or through organising joint cycling or walking groups. It allows parents to register through the school and then directly contact other parents through the website. also provides online information on safe and sustainable travel and on relevant legislation such as child car seat laws.

The site has since been taken offline.


The scheme was first launched in March 2004 as an initiative of Liftshare which was set up by Ali Clabburnin in 1997.

The service has since been bought to an end.

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