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Schmap is an on-line travel guide producer as well as 'geotweet' enabler.



Schmap started as an Windows PC based, online travel guide. It combines images from Flickr with reviews and other information that tourist guides would need. It can be navigated by category, and has built in tours. Schmap has online tour guides for numerous locations across North America, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.[1] The guides became iPhone compatible in early 2008, and since then have been optimised for other smart phones.[2]

Schmap has expanded beyond its travel guide origins to allow users to download an app to create their own 'schmaps' to share with friends and the rest of the world. It also has a page which creates the possibility for 'geotweeting', where a map with location data can be added into a tweet at the cost of only 23 characters. These geocoded tweets can then be displayed, or searched, geographically. [3]


Schmap started in 2004, with a release in 2006. [4]

Since then it has expanded and broadened its offerings, including allowing users to create their own 'schmaps' (2007) and mobile compatibility (2008).


Schmap has been received well by reviewers.

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