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Routino is an open source routing application for many different transport users including pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders as well as car drivers and HGV vehicles which is currently available on-line for the UK.



Screenshot showing a route based on a certain bias detailed in the pane to the left. Data ccbysa OpenStreetMap

The routing software pre-processes OpenStreetMap data into a format where routes can be calculated rapidly with different weightings and restriction for many different users. Compiling the data in this way means that the UK routing dataset only needs 200 MB of RAM so can be run on small PC from main memory.[1]

The on-line demonstrator allows uses to try the system and tune the desirability of different road classifications and adjust other routing options. The code is written in C.

This program is open source and people are free to redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.


Announced on 22nd March 2009 by Andrew Bishop[2]

Version 1 was published on 8th April 2009.

Version 2 was published on 26th June 2011.


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  2. Route planner using UK OSM data
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