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A screenshot of a journey search using routeRANK.

routeRANK is a journey planner that combines road, rail and air transport options. It currently covers Europe and the USA.



routeRANK is an online journey planner that integrates road, rail and air options for journeys in Europe and the USA. It also plots flights to and from all major airports. It finds and ranks possible journey options, based on preferences that you can set, such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions.

Custom developed versions of its software are also available to corporate customers and organizations for their internal use or use on their own website.

routeRANK uses data from the Geonames project


It was first developed by Jochen Mundinger, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in 2006. With a proprietary algorithmic solution and a first business plan, he was awarded an EPFL Innogrant for routeRANK in October 2006. By early 2007, the company had recruited a support network and team and a first closed beta version was completed for July 2007. By 2008 the site had fully launched.[1]

A special professional version of RouteRANK was released in June, 2011.[2]

RouteRANK helped in the Greener Davos Initiative in 2012, to help attendants of the annual World Economic Forum lower their carbon dioxide emissions for the journey.[3]

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