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A sketch of the Riversimple Hyrban car model. source

Riversimple aim to produce a lightweight urban car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with open source design and development.



Riversimple is currently in the testing stage of developing a two-seater lightweight urban vehicle, constructed from carbon composites and powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, called the Hyrban.

They have used an open source approach to its design and development, inviting the community to help develop its vehicles. Riversimple also intend to use a new service concept in the release of the car, that the cars are leased not sold. Which they hope will align the interests of the manufacturer with the interests of the consumer and of the environment, in that everyone will want cars that have a long life span with maximum efficiency and minimum materials usage.


The new Hyrban car is intended for public launch in 2009.

Riversimple was founded by Hugo Spowers, an engineer and entrepreneur with a former career in designing and building racing cars, and restoring classic cars.

Riversimple have previously been involved in the LIFEcar project, a technology demonstrator of a hydrogen fuel cell sports car.

A Riversimple prototype is on display in the Science Museum.[1]

Over 2012 and 2013, a second trial of Riversimple cars will be conducted. Unlike the previous trial, this one is a rural test.[2]

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  2. Herefordshire and Shropshire sign groundbreaking deal to test drive hydrogen fuel-cell cars - Riversimple
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