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Ride-On Transportation

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Ride-On Transportation provide on-demand transport, in San Luis Obispo County, California, for car pools, airport transport, special events and other needs.



Ride-On Transportation is a non-profit, community-based, cooperative organization of local employers and transportation providers who aim to provide affordable transportation to the people and employers of San Luis Obispo County. Ride-On operates over 90 vans, buses and wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles.

Ride-On provides transport for door-to-door shuttle services for seniors, people with disabilities and social service agencies. Other services also include transportation services for the general public with vanpools, airport/Amtrak shuttles, Guaranteed Ride Home (for employees in emergency who use alternative transportation to work), Lunchtime Express, Visitor Shuttles, special event transport and medical shuttles.


Ride-On was started in 1993 as a transportation cooperative to meet the needs of social service agencies. In 1995 Ride-On teamed up with SLO Regional Rideshare to expand their services to meet the transportation needs of all the residents of San Luis Obispo.

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