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Rewired State

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Rewired State aims to show Government how to properly use technology to solve its problems. Its slogan is "Geek Meets Government!"



Rewired State organises events every so often where government and media officials are put in a room with hackers and techies and solutions and improvements are found for problems that the officials have.

The Rewired State logo also has a data section, where they link to open data they have found as well as APIs and other useful tools for innovators to use.


Many products have come about as a result of Rewired State such as: Job Centre Pro Plus which finds jobs in a given area, and What's on Their Minds? which records the subjects of an MP's questions in the House of Commons.


07 March 2009 - the first Rewired State event, "National Hack the Government Day" 22 August 2009 - Young Rewired State

The next major Rewired State event is "Hack the Government Day" on March 20 2010.

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