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Resejämföraren logo.

Resejämföraren, Travel Compare Server in English, is a multi-modal router for the Øresund/Öresund region. It uses OpenStreetMap data and the OpenRouteService router.



Resejämföraren was created by Lund Municipality in 2009. Though Google Maps, Google ariel photography or OpenStreetMap maps may be used as a display only OpenStreetMap data is used for routing.

Resejämföraren in use.

The open router, OpenRoteService is used for the routing algorithm, with additional sections added for public transport routing in Skåne (i.e. there is no bus routing in the Danish parts of Øresund). It calculates a walking, cycling, car and public transport route, though only the quickest route is found for each mode. [1]

Not only does Resejämföraren work out routes and travel time, but it also calclates the carbon dioxide emissions and calorie usage relevant modes result in for the journey. This is due to Resejämföraren being released with the aim to encourage further modal shift in the region. [2]

2012 Status

The service is still running, but the area that has transport data has not been increased. However, since the domain is primarily a municipal authority website, usage figures for the service are not easily findable.

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  1. Allmänt - (Swedish)
  2. LundaMaTs - (Swedish)
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