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A map of London in the Regional Traffic map. source

The Regional Traffic website provides near real-time information to UK motorists using map-based visualisation of traffic incidents.



It shows Highways Agency informational messages in the form of symbolic markers and polylines, traffic flow rates with coloured route overlays, parking (capacity and availability) and optionally the location of speed cameras and petrol stations (including pricing).

By selecting a region from a list of UK counties the map view will be updated and priority given to displaying incidents from that particular data feed. A user's home location can be set by searching on a postcode, WGS84 co-ordinate or by right-clicking on the map in order to sort messages by proximity. A user route can also be created with two or more waypoints and distance-to-route used as the sorting metric.

Data for the site is retrieved from multiple TPEG XML feeds via the BBC Backstage project then processed and held in a SQL Server 2008 instance. Pages are served as standards compliant application/xhtml+xml content (where supported) using Apache HTTP server and PHP5. Feed data is refreshly minutely on the hosting server with a specially written parser. JavaScript compacting/obfuscation is used to reduce load time.


This site was created as a personal project by a software engineer in reaction to the unhelpful text-only travel pages used by the BBC.

The site was first placed online in March 2007 and underwent functional additions throughout the following year. The volume of traffic visiting has steadily grown, peaking at over 900 visits/day during weather extremes. It is still used regularly by the site author to check travel conditions before commuting.

An investigation into the provision of SMS text-based alerts as a function of server-held routes is currently taking place.

On 4/4/2012 the site was found to have been replaced by an advertising blog.


The concise travel information this site provides has helped numerous people to better plan their journeys and parking choices.

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