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Real Time Rome

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Detail from Software 2. The yellow lines represent buses in real time and the red corresponds to density of people. Sep 2006 source

Real Time Rome was a project of the MIT SENSEable City Lab for the 2006 Venice Biennale to better understand urban dynamics in real-time using data from mobile phones, buses and taxis in Rome.



The Real Time Rome project created a number of different software programs to visualise data collect from mobile phones, buses and taxis to represent population density and transport movement in real-time.

The aim of these real-time maps it to help understand how neighborhoods are used in the course of a day, how the distribution of buses and taxis correlates with densities of people, how goods and services are distributed in the city, or how different social groups, such as tourists and residents, inhabit the city.


The Real Time Rome project was carried out throughout 2006 and was presented at the Venice Biennale exhibition held between Sept - Nov 2006.

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