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RatemyStreet was developed by Transport Research Laboratory labs working along side [ Transport for London]. The product is designed for the crowdsourcing of qualitive and quantitive data on street walkability.



Ratemystreet is strightword to use as long as you are aware of the name of the road you would like to rate. It has global coverage, though disambiguation between locations with the same name requires the user to specify which they are referign to. The road selection is purely text based, with the map that dominates the lower image showing either a random, rated, road or the location the user has searched for. Nearby, already rated roads are also marked on the map.

Clicking on the marker on the map allows the user ot rate a road, from 0 to 5, on a selection of areas designed with pedestrians in mind, such as 'pavement width' and 'clean/attractive'.


Ratemystreet was designed by TRL and TfL to compliment the PERS system, a preexisting TRL product used by TfL. [1] Its aim is to better facilitate the collecting of public opinion on streets during public consultations or other development work.


Ratemystreet seems to have made little impact, the number of rated roads on it has grown - though that figures are not forthcoming suggests that they may not be very high.

External Links - Transport Research Laboratory - Transport for London


  1. Ratemystreet is Launced. How walking friendly is your street? -
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