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Potlatch is the Flash based built-in OpenStreetMap editor, found on the 'Edit' tab of the main site.



Screenshot from Potlatch.

Potlatch can be used to add new roads, railways, rivers or other features to OpenStreetMap and also enables the user to change existing features from imported GPS trails or from suitable background imagery including NPE Maps, Open aerial map and Yahoo aerial photography (which can be used to derive mapping). It has an extensive undo/redo feature and user friendly tagging aids to help OSM mappers.

Potlatch is an open source product with the code in the public domain.


Potlatch has created by Richard Fairhurst. It was developed during late 2006 and early 2007 and was introduced as the main editor for OpenStreetMap in May 2007. Since then development has continued with improved usability and support for newer features within OpenStreetMap.

Potlatch saw major advances with the release of Potlatch 2, in April 2011.[1]

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  1. Potlatch 2 is here - OpenGeoData blog
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