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People's Map

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People's Map is a mapping source for the UK produced by GetMapping that combines professional data with user generated content.



Peoples map data for Cambridge

Users can add map data by editing the online map. This data is then checked and and compiled into high quality cartographic maps by the People's Map Partnership. It also allows users to add GeoRSS feeds into the project and provides a Javascript API allowing you to add People's Map to your web site.

Alternative mapping layers include complete aerial photography of the UK provided by Getmapping, out of date OS maps and unverified People's Map data.

The People’s Map is free for personal and non-commercial purposes. Unlike OpenStreetMap the data can not be used for commerical purposes without paying a license fee.[1]

The project was started by Getmapping a UK limited company specialising in aerial photography and mapping products.

In February 2009 the top contributor added 8,700 roads and there were 10 contributors who added more than 160 ways each with a combined total of 22,000 roads.[2]

The map has since been taken offline, though the data is still being available from Getmapping.[3]


The People’s Map has launched bin May 2007[4]. It was relaunched as 'The New Peoples Map' with a better interface in March 2009[5]

At a point prior to 2012 the People's Map was taken offline.[6]

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