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Parkopedia is a self styled encyclopaedia of parking spaces, recording the location of car-parks along with their details such as number of spaces, price and owner.



Parkopedia is an alternative to resources such as Transport Direct's Car Park locator. Parkopedia can also be accessed on mobile devices at

Parkopedia is a wiki, which displays its contents geographically, i.e. on a map. It has a large database, over 2,000,000 at time of writing,[1] of parking spaces, and covers the whole world rather than limiting itself to a single town or country.

Parkopedia is run by the same company that operates Park at my house and pulls data from its sister site since, unlike other parking types, privately rented parking spaces can not be added directly. Through its on site editing people can contribute to the site adding information such as prices, times and number of spaces.


Parkopedia would appear to have a satisfied customer base, with many testimonials of contented users on its site.

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  1. Parkopedia's About page
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