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Park at my house

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A screenshot of parking space details on Park at my House. source is a website where you can rent a driveway, garage or secure parking space or find places to park by arrangement on someone elses driveway.



A web site where you can advertise your parking bay and where people looking for parking bays can find a suitable location. Available initially in the UK, following investment from BMW's i Ventures investment fund it launched in the USA as well.[1]


In May 2006 a UK tourist in the USA, Anthony Eskinazi, was failing to find a parking spot near a major sports stadium in San Francisco on match day when he saw an empty driveway close to the stadium. Realising a business opportunity for both homeowners and drivers he set up on his return to the UK in June 2006

The site opened to the public on 22nd September 2006.[2] and in the USA in Feburary 2008.[3] Their site is sponsored by Zipcar.

In July 2011 BMW's i Ventures began investing in ParkatmyHouse.[4] With this money ParkatmyHouse began its international rollout.

The UK Government has used ParkatmyHouse in a case study suggesting that it would promote integrated transport by taking cars off the street and easing on-street parking pressure.[5] It is however general transport policy to call for 'demand constraining parking standards' to encourage a switch to sustainable transport.[6]


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