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Open aerial map

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An OpenAerialMap view CCBYSA Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS), Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

OpenAerialMap project is a repository of free and open source aerial photography sources from around the world.



OpenAerialMap allows users to upload aerial imagery under a Creative Commons or Public Domain license which is then matched with other imagery form other sources. Imagery from the project can be accessed from within Potlatch and JOSM to help create mapping for OpenStreetMap.


The project was originally initiated in 2007 by Christopher Schmidt who works for Metacarta in the United States.[1]

For a period starting in December 2008 Open Aerial Maps stopped providing image tiles, for a multitude of reasons.[2]

Following talks at OSM events, culminated in the Open Aerial Map reboot at WhereCamp2010.[3] The new Open Aerial Map has a new website, among other things.

External Links


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  2. OAM-talk State of OpenAerialMap - OAM Mailing list archive
  3. OAM Reboot BOF at Where 2010 - Open Aerial Map wiki
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