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A photo from OpenStreetView, data on it on image page.

OpenStreetPhoto is a project to collect CC-BY-SA lisensed aerial photography using unmanned aerial MicroKopters and other geotagged photographs. It is a spinoff project of OpenStreetMap.



The aim of OpenStreetPhoto is to facilitate low-cost geotagged photography. The project has benn given a grant of 28,000 euro as part of a Digital Pioneers project. This money is intended to be used primarily for the development of low cost aerial photography, a refinement of the Bundler algorithms and the setup of a business model around cheap UAVs, such as Mikrokopter with which to create aerial photography.[1]


The project was founded at a meeting of OpenStreetMap The Netherlands, and is currently coordinated in the OSM talk-nl mailinglist.

In 2009-2010 OpenStreetPhoto helped resurrect the Open aerial map project.

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