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The OpenStreetBrowser is an interactive viewer for OpenStreetMap data allowing different categories of data to be shown on top of a rendered map including tourism, education and transport.



Screenshot from OpenStreetBrowser showing National Cycle Route 1 as a vector overlay over a map of Ipswich
Screenshot from OpenStreetBrowser showing a list of schools on the left and a school highlighted on the map

The viewer is able to show schools, hospitals, cycle routes, bus routes and many other features from OpenStreetMap data overlaid on a raster map. Individual tag nodes, lines and polygons are highlightable and a link is provided to the relevant data in OpenStreetMap for editing. The product uses Mapnik, Open Layers and OpenStreetMap data.

OpenStreetBrowser has crowd-sourced its own translation, and is available in 18 languages.


Started by Stephan Plepelits of the Technische Universität Wien - Studium Informatik & Raumplanung in October 2008 and announced in March 2009.[1]

OpenStreetBrowser 2.0 went online on 14 July 2011.[2]

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