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A screenshot of OpenRouteService. source

OpenRouteService is a trip planner for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians using OpenStreetMap data and OpenGeospatial Open Location Services Interface Standard (OpenLS) hosted by the University of Bonn.



OpenRouteService offers a number of services based on the OpenStreetMap data.

The Route Service determines travel routes and navigation information between two points based on travel by car, bicycle or on foot. It provides:

  • A "RouteSummary", the meta information about the requested route such as overall distance, units, overall needed time etc.
  • The "RouteGeometry", a line string containing all waypoints of the route.
  • The "RouteInstruction", a step-by-step set of route instructions for the calculated route which is available in a number of languages such as German, English, Italian and others.

The calculated route is then displayed on a route map. This route information is also exportable as a .XML or .GPX file.

It also provides a POI (point of interest) Search, allowing users to search for various locations such as schools, shops and bus stops within a given distance from a specified point on a map. The Accessibility Analysis Service (AAS) calculates a polygon representing the area that is reachable from a given location within a specified time distance based on the local street network. A Location Utility Service is also available which provides a Geocoder/Reverse Geocoder. This allows a map location to be converted to a grid reference and a grid reference into a map location.

Following the Haitian earthquake in January 2010 OpenRouteService added the ability to create areas that can not be travelled though, which the routing algorithm take into account for a "Haiti Special" version of the site. [1]

OpenRouteService content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.


OpenRouteService was launched in May 2008 with initial work carried out at the Cartography Research Group at the University of Bonn.[2] Originally routing was only available for Germany but has since expanded to cover all of Europe and some of the surrounding areas.

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  1. OpenRouteService Haiti Special
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