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Flights from Gatwick, UK, using OpenFlights

OpenFlights is an online tool that lets users map and share flights around the world, search and filter them and calculate statistics automatically.



OpenFlights allows users to map air flights they have taken around the world. these can then be searched and filtered in different way including by distance, date, type of plane, seating class and others. It also generates statistical information for flights such as total flying time and distance. Flights can also be shared with friends and other users. Users can also view all flights departing from a specified airport[1], or on a specified airline.[2]

The map is produced using Open Layers and is available for free donwload.[3]


OpenFlights launched its Delta release on 2009-01-06 and as of 2009-07-06 it has 1605 registered users and a total of 118000 listed flights.[4]

2012-03-17 OpenFlights implimented the ability to import TripIt data.[5]

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