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On New York Turf

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Thr On New York Turf subway map. source

The On New York Turf website has a subway map with details of subway routes and subway entrances. When zoomed out the network is visible and when zoomed in one can see the details of the actual stations and the exact locations where one can enter and leave each station.



A slippery (Google style) map with an overlay showing subway routes when zoomed out, and then also detailed station layouts and entrance locations when zoomed in. For each station there is also a wiki page with additional information. The data has been collected by volunteers based partly on information provided by the authorities within the stations themselves, and also from general knowledge contributed by the public.

Much of the original information used on this site was already available on printed posters within the station and this information was photographed and digitized by volunteers to make it conveniently available for pre-trip planning purposes [1].

There are still some outlying stations for which details are needs and contributors are invited to submit photographs of the maps at these stations[2] and contributors are also invited to add translations of the English text to make the site available in more languages[3]. Additional information is being collected by volunteers for each station on dedicated wiki pages[4].



As of 4/4/2012 the On New York Turf website appears to have gone offline.


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