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Okemoko Locations

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Locations by Okemoko is a mobile application based on GPS and SMS to enable location sharing.



Using OpenStreetMap mapping as a base it allows users to create, save and share tags of locations. Users download map tiles and using inbuilt GPS the application locates you on the map. This location can then be saved, along with a title, short description and tags for the location and shared with other users.

Locations gives users the option of a number of map tile packages but also allows the creation of personal maps which can also be shared with other users.

A Okemoko Locations visualisation. source


Locations is written in C and EFL.

Future developments

In the next release of Locations the application is intended to be I18N-aware allowing multi-language support.

External Links

Okemoko Locations - Om2008.8 - Main application description.


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