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An OYBike and lock system. source

The OYBike scheme is a street-based rental station network that allows users to hire and return a bicycle via a mobile phone.



The OYBike system is based on the availability of rental bicycles at key locations such as tube stations, public buildings, key transport interchanges and car parks.

The bicycles are secured to their stands using cables that are attached to the bicycle and which double as security locking cables when the bicycles are on hire. Each bike stand is equipped with a specially developed electronic lock operated through a keyboard and LCD display. This lock holds the cable secure until that bicycle is rented out. An OYBike registered user selects an available bicycle and the lock displays a code, the user then calls the OYBike call centre, provides the code and is given access to the bike.

OYBike bicycles are available throughout London and a number of other urban areas around the UK. Bikes are free to use for the first 30 minutes but users are charged for any subsequent use.


The technology behind OYBike was developed by Mr Hanning in the early 2000's. A pilot of the scheme was started in Hammersmith & Fulham in 2004 with the system launched fully to the general public in August of that year.

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